Aaron, George and the guys at PB Foreign did it again. I dropped my car off for the rear brakes at 8:00 AM this past Friday, and it was ready for me to pick up by noon.
I bought my car new four years ago, and it has 70,000 mi on it. The reason I brought it down to PB Foreign is because 3,500 miles ago the guy at the Instant Oil change place said he thought I had about 5% left on my pads. Not quite. Aaron called me up about an hour after I left it there and said I could probably go another  few months without doing it if I wanted to save the money. I decided to have the work done anyway, and not only did they get me in and out quickly the price was very reasonable too.
Another thing, everyone there is really honest. For instance, the other day I asked George if he still did wheel alignment.  He told me he didn’t, and suggested another place for me to go.  Before I bought a new car, PB Foreign was taking care of my old clunckers for the last 15 or so years.  Great people to do business with.  They have the same mechanics working in the shop for a long time, which to me means they must be treating their people well.

Joe S.