I initially came to PB Foreign and Domestic Car Repair last year to get my spark plugs replaced, based on several positive Citysearch reviews. I had a good experience (although I ended up being out $500…stupid cars), but I wasn’t sure if I would keep coming to them as they were a little out of my way.
Well, I will be returning because of my experience with my most recent repair to replace two oxygen sensors. Aaron, the mechanic, is incredibly patient and honest. He clearly explains all the repairs that you need and why you need them, and instead of replacing multiple parts unnecessarily, he fixes them sequentially to make sure that it is really that part that needs to be replaced. I had initially taken my car to G Win on Miramar after my engine light went on because it was closer and more convenient for me, but I really regret wasting my time. After an extremely difficult time understanding what was wrong with my car, I found out that my two front oxygen sensors were malfunctioning and I was quoted $470 at G Win to have them both replaced. I couldn’t believe that both would fail at the same time, so I returned to PB Foreign and Domestic Car Repair to have the diagnostic test repeated. Aaron repeated it at no charge, tested both sensors, found that they both were indeed malfunctioning, and explained to me clearly what he was going to do. He replaced them both for $260 total (after using a $40 off coupon I found on their website), parts and labor included, and he did it in two hours, versus the six hours they told me it would take at G Win. In total, Aaron saved me over $200, and based on his previous work on my car, it is a quality job.
The shop is a little hard to get to, as they have a really tiny lot in the middle of PB, but it is worth it to get such honest service.
Eveline S.