Double Trouble: Front Axles on a 2014 Subaru

Subaru on the lift at Pacific Beach Foreign and Domestic Car Repair

At PB Foreign and Domestic Car Repair, we’ve seen and repaired countless cars, each with its unique story. On this, another sunny San Diego day, a 2014 Subaru drove into our service bay, emanating a concerning audible noise from its front end.

Symptom: Audible noise and vibration from the front end during turns and acceleration.

Problem: Both front CV axle shafts were binding.

Solution: Replaced both front axles.

Our seasoned technician, Jason, hopped into the driver’s seat for a diagnostic test drive. As he navigated some of the streets of Pacific Beach around the block of our shop on Garnet Avenue, a distinct, troubling noise hinted towards a common, well-known issue in vehicles: the front axles. The car’s behavior on the road – the vibrations and noise during turns and acceleration – pointed directly towards the CV (constant velocity) axle shafts binding.

Front axle replacement on a 2014 Subaru at Pacific Beach Foreign and Domestic Car Repair

Diving Deeper into the CV Axle Shaft:

Each CV axle shaft is crucial in a vehicle, responsible for transferring the engine’s power to the wheels. It dynamically adjusts to road conditions and the car’s up and down motions. If one is problematic, it’s a safety concern. If both are, the driving experience can be severely hampered.

Post-drive, Jason carefully inspected the Subaru. His suspicion was confirmed: both front axles showed signs of wear and binding. After discussing the findings with the Subaru’s owner and elaborating on the malfunctioning CV axles and safety concerns, Jason received a nod of approval to proceed with the necessary repairs.

Signs of a Failing CV Axle Shaft:

  1. Clicking Noise: More evident during turns.
  2. Grease on the Tire’s Edge: Indicative of broken boots leaking grease.
  3. Vibration: Pronounced during acceleration.

With the go-ahead, Jason and his team sourced the right set of front axles for this Subaru model. With precision and care, they replaced both axles, ensuring each one fit and aligned perfectly with the car’s other components.

Front axle being replaced on a 2014 Subaru at Pacific Beach Foreign and Domestic Car Repair

Post-repair, a test drive was in order. The once noisy and shaky Subaru now glided smoothly on the road, free from the unsettling noises that once plagued its journey.

Front axle replacement completed on a 2014 Subaru at Pacific Beach Foreign and Domestic Car Repair

Relieved and grateful, the owner admitted he had learned invaluable information that day. It wasn’t just about having both axles replaced but understanding the significance of timely repairs and the importance of trusting experts with one’s vehicle.

At PB Foreign and Domestic Car Repair, we believe every repair tells a story. Through our commitment to excellent service and customer education, we aim to make every ending a happy one. If you have concerns or questions about your vehicle, we’re here to help. Contact us online to schedule an appointment or call us at 1-858-270-1142.

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