Shocks Repair

What Are Shocks?

Shock absorbers, commonly referred to simply as ‘shocks’, are an integral component of a vehicle’s suspension system. Their primary function is to absorb and dissipate energy, preventing the car or truck from bouncing excessively after hitting bumps or uneven road surfaces. By doing so, they contribute significantly to the overall stability, comfort, and safety of a vehicle. Just imagine a car ride where every bump or pothole resulted in prolonged bouncing; not only would it be uncomfortable, but it could also pose significant safety risks by reducing the driver’s control over the vehicle.

Consequences of Neglecting Shock Absorber Maintenance

Failure to maintain or replace worn-out shock absorbers can have several adverse effects that go beyond a simple decline in ride comfort. Neglected shocks can compromise the vehicle’s stability, making it more difficult to control in various driving conditions. Inadequate shock absorption can lead to increased stopping distances when braking, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. Moreover, worn shocks can put additional stress on other critical vehicle components, such as the tires, brakes, and suspension system, accelerating their wear and potentially leading to more costly repairs in the future. In summary, ignoring signs of shock wear not only jeopardizes your driving experience but also poses substantial risks to both your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

Top Signs Your Shock Absorbers Need Attention

  • Excessive Bouncing: After hitting a bump or pothole, the vehicle continues to bounce.
  • Uneven Tire Wear: Also known as “cupping,” where patches of the tire have uneven wear patterns.
  • Leaking Fluid: Visible fluid on the outside of the shock or strut.
  • Poor Handling: Reduced stability during turns or when affected by crosswinds.
  • Nose Diving: Front end of the vehicle dives noticeably when braking.
  • Rear-End Squatting: Rear of the vehicle squats during acceleration.
  • Swerving & Dipping: Vehicle swerves or dips when changing lanes or turning.
  • Rattling or Clunking Noises: Unusual noises from the suspension when driving.
  • Longer Stopping Distance: Reduced braking efficiency.
  • Visibly Damaged: Physical damage or dents on the shock absorbers.

Shock Absorber Repair and Service with P.B. Foreign and Domestic Car Repair

Our team of ASE certified professionals uses advanced diagnostic equipment and brings together decades of experience to accurately identify issues with your vehicle’s shock absorbers. Upholding our core value of Integrity, we provide transparent and direct recommendations based on our thorough inspections.

What Our Shock Absorber Repair and Service Include

We offer an all-inclusive range of services aimed at resolving any shock absorber issues and restoring your vehicle to optimal performance. Our services include:

  • Shock Inspection and Repair: Detailed examination to identify worn or damaged shock absorbers.
  • Suspension System Checks: To ensure all components are interacting correctly with your shocks.
  • Shock Replacement: Installing new, high-quality shock absorbers when repairs are not sufficient.
  • Alignment Check: To ensure proper wheel alignment for better control and tire longevity.
  • Ride Quality Tests: Assessing the overall ride comfort and handling to confirm issues have been resolved.

Choose P.B. Foreign and Domestic Car Repair for Your Shock Absorber Repairs

A compromised shock absorber system can seriously affect your vehicle’s performance, making it less stable and comfortable, and more importantly, less safe. Rely on the expertise of P.B. Foreign and Domestic Car Repair to diagnose and fix any shock-related issues effectively. For shock absorber inspections, repairs, or other suspension-related services, schedule an appointment or contact us online or call us directly at 1-858-270-1142.

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Jack Kreile
Jack Kreile
August 8, 2023

I’ve been bringing various cars to PB Foreign & Domestic for over 30 yrs. Once agsin, on Monday they provided the best car & customer service I have come to expect from this shop.

I highly recommend them for all your car service needs.

’85 Honda Accord
’97 Nissan Altima
’03 350z
’03 Lexus ES 300
’15 Hyundai Genesis

Diane Greene
Diane Greene
July 29, 2023

Dan, the mechanic is very skilled and honest. I highly recommend asking for him.

ira farnham
ira farnham
June 6, 2023

Great family owned business, run a cool father and son duo. I’ve been taking my cars here for over a decade.

I’ve come across 2 types of mechanics over the years: 1) fixes what needs fixing, checks everthing else out, tells the customer what to keep an eye on/expect in the future. 2) fixes what needs fixing and EVERYTHING else that it touches.

PB Foreign and Domestic is type 1) – straightforward, steady, and honest – which is why I keep coming back and I suspect it’s why the same guys have been working there for forever too.

Aran Osborne
Aran Osborne
April 9, 2023

Best service, best price, they do a great job and are honest! Family owned and operated. I will continue to take my car here. For regular oil changes and maintanance, George is awesome and everyone he employs, this place is great no complaints! Always will look at something if you have a concern like I did. Minor and didn’t Rip me off like most places would have.

Linda Gould
Linda Gould
February 19, 2023

I truly feel like I’m getting the service that’s required and not being upsold on things I don’t need. The price is always better than anywhere else I’ve looked and repairs done timely. They always call if the estimate given to me ends up being different, sometimes it’s lower and if it’s higher they clearly explain why and if it’s absolutely necessary or a recommendation. I trust them.

Jonathan Grannick
Jonathan Grannick
November 18, 2022

If you want a local independent family owned car mechanic that is honest, trustworthy, reasonably priced, and not trying to nickel & dime you these are your guys! Aaron is especially a pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond at my last oil change to help me on a few things that would have taken tons of time to figure out on my own, you can tell he enjoys helping people (when they aren’t too busy) and is just a personable good natured guy which is so great to have in a car mechanic. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

T. C.
T. C.
May 3, 2022

We really love PB Foreign and Domestic! They have served us well for years on 3 vehicles and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend over dealership or other local facilities. They don’t try to upsell you on things you do not need. Super friendly and can usually get you in within a day or two. It is best to call ahead and make an appointment.

Mandy Anderson
Mandy Anderson
August 25, 2018

Porsche Cayman – my car was overheating so I had my car towed to PB Foreign and Domestic Car Repair. The team was able to repair my car ( I needed a new radiator and water pump) and they gave me very fair pricing. I will definitely come back for my preventitive maintenance.

Need auto repair or car maintenance? Are you in Pacific Beach? Schedule an appointment for a free inspection.